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Pest Control

Adult fleas live as parasites on warm blooded mammals such as humans, cats, dogs and birds.  They feed on skin and feathers and their bite can cause intense itching around a bright red spot.  They are a jumping insect and can jump around 1 foot.  Our technicians will undertake a full survey and advise accordingly.  Treatments include spraying and dusting which can treat both carpets and wooden floors.  Our technicians are unable to treat pets for fleas and this should be undertaken by aqualified vet.

Our team checks for pest infestations in the roof, under the house as well as in the walls. So, no matter where the pests are hiding, we will execute a pest treatment solution to eradicate them from your property.
We are a pest control company with vast experience in this space, and we put this experience to good use. No matter what type of pest infestation you have on your property, we’ve got you covered. We offer residential and commercial pest control packages so you will always get value for money when you hire our services and save some money on this essential property maintenance task.
Range Of Pest Control Services
We cover a spectrum of pests and offer the most cost-effective pest control solution. The different types of pest removal services we offer include:

• General Pest Control
• Wasps control
• Squirrel control
• Cockroaches extermination
• Rodents control
• Fleas control
• Bed bugs extermination
• Moths control
• Mice extermination

To make your place pest free, with the highest quality service Call Us at Rid It and we will make sure to get rid of it all for you.

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Our Proven Process

We are qualified pest controllers ready to help you get rid of those common pests. Whether you are a commercial business or private residence, we can help you. We have 17 years of experience in the pest control industry. 








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